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We have launched our enterprise in year 2007. AsCARGO is a customs broker and a company handling freight forwarding and transport arrangements– both land and sea. We have all the necessary licenses of domestic and international freight forwarder and customs agency authorities. Thanks to our experience and throughout knowledge of our branch we can pride ourselves with many successes, determined with effectiveness and speed in achieving results. We give you an elastic approach to tasks entrusted to us, because we know there are not two identical cases.

Certainly, once you know us closely, you would be convinced to the standard we would like to promote and maintain. Many companies with well established position had not hesitated to hand us the fortune of their cargo and we did not let them down. We know that our clients do not tolerate wasting time; therefore, thanks to the qualifications of our team, customer may count on fast, competent and complete service, with maintaining reasonable costs. Therefore, remaining at your disposal, we encourage you to check our offer.

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